Year Coordinators

Year Coordinators

Year Coordinators have the responsibility for supporting the welfare, management, and progress of students in their cohort in a productive and meaningful way. They have a high profile in the college and work closely with the College staff to develop strong, trusting and positive relationships with students and their families. They are the first point of contact for parent liaison and enquiries, as they have a strong understanding of all their students, their backgrounds and their needs and interests. Year Coordinators closely monitor individual student engagement through the College Good Standing Policy, using such measures as attendance, behaviour, academic performance, punctuality and uniform. They are also responsible for managing individual and personalised plans for students with specific needs, to further support each student’s engagement at the College from both an academic and pastoral care perspective.

Year Coordinator – Year 7

Gillian Kirwan

Year Coordinator – Year 8

Kristen Lilly

Year Coordinator – Year 9

Alex Banyard

Year Coordinator – Year 10

Mikala McCagh

Year Coordinator – Year 11

Ben Clarke

Year Coordinator – Year 12

Matthew Connaughton

“Excellence in Teaching and Learning”