Mathematics Learning Area 

In the Mathematics Learning Area we provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. We aim to instil an appreciation of the elegance and power of mathematical reasoning, promote creative problem solving and to improve numerical fluency.


We ensure students are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics through embedding cooperative learning strategies as well as independent work into our programs. Digital technologies are also incorporated into lessons when beneficial to learning. We encourage students to see the relevance of this subject and to recognise connections between the areas of mathematics and other disciplines.


In the Mathematics Learning Area we have a strong team of teachers who believe that all students are capable of achieving in this subject provided they apply appropriate effort. Mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities and we recognise the right that each person has to feel valued and safe.


We encourage students to compete in the Australian Mathematics Competition held each year in July/August. For students with a particular interest and/or aptitude for Mathematics we run a Talented Mathematicians program in Year 10.

In this ever-changing world, proficiency in this subject is becoming increasingly important. Through studying the Mathematics Curriculum we hope that students will become independent, self-motivated learners who are able to investigate, represent and interpret situations in their personal and work lives as active citizens.


Regular homework will be given to all Mathematics students in the form of either practice to consolidate classwork, investigative tasks or revision to prepare for assessments. All homework should be treated seriously and can be used to support a final grade. It is expected that any formal homework will be handed in on or before the due date.

If students are struggling with any aspect of their Mathematics we offer recess study sessions on a daily basis in which a Mathematics teacher is available to provide support with homework, classwork and revision. Students who require extra help before NAPLAN and OLNA tests are also encouraged to attend.

Pathways in Mathematics

As students progress through the College they will be streamed into different pathways to cater for their various levels of current understanding. These pathways with provide them with the particular support or extension they require at that time, allowing them to achieve to their highest potential. These classes are subject to review at the end of each semester. Therefore students may have the opportunity to move into a higher stream, if they are able to demonstrate significant improvement in Mathematics.

Year 7

All students study the Mainstream Program

Year 8

  • Course 1: Mainstream Program with extension
  • Course 2: Mainstream Program
  • Course 3: Mainstream Program with some modification

Year 9

  • Course 1: Mainstream Program with extension
  • Course 2: Mainstream Program
  • Course 3: Mainstream Program with some modification
  • Course 4: Modified Mathematics

Year 10

  • Course 1: Extension Program preparing students for Methods & Specialist Courses in Year 11
  • Course 2: Mainstream Program preparing students for the Applications Course in Year 11
  • Course 3: Mainstream Program preparing students for the Essentials Course in Year 11. High achieving students in this course  still have the possibility of completing the Applications Course in Year 11
  • Course 4: Modified Mathematics catering for students intending on studying the Essential Course in Year 11

Years 11 & 12

  • Mathematics Essential
  • Mathematics Applications
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Mathematics Specialist

Curriculum links


The main class communication will be via Connect. All parents will be automatically registered on Connect when student is enrolled so they can take an active role in their child’s mathematical education and gain access to their assessment results. If you do not wish to be registered for this internet based platform, please contact the College Administration on 9746 3500. Alternatively you can contact the Maths Teachers by email or phone should you have any questions or concerns.

Email CapeNaturaliste.College@education.wa.edu.au – ATTN: Teacher required

The Maths Team

Bryce Godfrey (Head of Learning Area), Justine Allen, Hayden Craig, Matthew Connaughton, Gillian Kirwan, Gareth Lawrence-Brown and Demi Bateson.