College Board

Cape Naturaliste College

CNC Board

The role of the College Board is to help provide strategic direction and contribute to good school governance, helping ensure that resources are used efficiently and that the community’s expectations and the College’s priorities best reflect the needs of students.


The functioning of the Board is covered by legislation and includes both approval and advisory roles. The Board makes decisions with the Principal, who ensures the decisions adhere to Legislative and Policy requirements. The Principal also seeks the advice of the Board to understand local community views. In light of this, we (the Board) endeavour to have members of the College, community, tertiary education facilities and local businesses represented on the Board.

The Board does not intervene in the control or management of the College, and all activities in both inside and outside reflect individual’s privacy and adherence to the College Code of Conduct.


The College Board Members are:
Christine Kershaw (Chair and Community Representative)

Michael Brown (Community Representative)

Liz McGovern (Community Representative)

Peter Davies (Parent Representative)

Soni Lamond (Parent Representative)

Richard Rowell (Parent Representative)

Sue Scott (Parent Representative)

Matt Walker (Parent Representative)

Rob Nail (Staff Representative)

Melanie Ryan (Staff Representative)

Ben Clarke (Staff Representative)

James Keillor (Staff Representative)


Please email collegeboard@cnc.wa.edu.au if you want to contact the College Board.

Past Community members include:

Robert Irvine (OAM, retired Dean ECU)

Lyn Farrell (Dean ECU)

Michael Archer (CEO, City of Busselton)

Wendy Washbourne (Campus Manager, SWIT Busselton)

Duncan Anderson (SWIT)

Liz Jones (past parent, Founding Member, Deputy Principal- West Busselton Primary School)

Brent Ziersch (past parent, retired Industry Consultant, past Chair Vasse Primary School Board)