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Cape Naturaliste College

About CNC

Cape Naturaliste College is a friendly and successful school in the Southwest of Western Australia. The College is an Independent Public School and relishes the opportunity to use this status to enhance and support student’s education during their time at the school.


The College opened in 2008 and developed a direction with parents and community members through a long and extensive consultation. This lead to refining the guiding principles on which we would develop the college: a place where students feel safe and can achieve to their own potential. This simple tenet underpins every decision we make.


Our vision is to strive for Excellence in Teaching and Learning while providing a Safe and Caring Environment. We will grow and develop close learning relationships that engage every child in all aspects of their school journey. We will create diverse opportunities to prepare students for their futures and honour our values of Respect, Responsibility and Success.

Our Vision & Values

Cape Naturaliste college has established itself as a school with remarkable results through a culture of excellence in teaching and learning and the promotion of a safe and caring learning environment. This culture continues to be nurtured by a passionate body of staff who work collaboratively and strategically to refine their practice and support students to ensure their needs are met.


The shared belief that ‘every student is every student’s responsibility’ underpins a positive learning environment where students are engaged, resilient and independent members of the community. Learning relationships are valued as critical to both the academic success and holistic personal development of all students.


Act with consideration and maturity, showing kindness and compassion for students and staff. Accepting the individuality of all members of the College community and demonstrate care and awareness for the College environment.


Act with thoughtfulness and integrity in all aspects of school life. Be accountable for our own actions and continually strive to achieve our personal best. Be active problem solvers and resolve differences in constructive and meaningful ways.


Tackle all challenges to learning in a positive fashion using a growth mindset. Take ownership of our learning and use feedback to reflect and grow.

Our college has a strong focus on teaching students to use technology effectively
and to support them with their future learning.

Committed to Innovation
and Excellence

Our merit selected staff are encouraged to teach with rigour and innovation and are supported through our Excellence in Teaching priority. The College also strives to provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to grow and develop from adolescents into young adults. This is shown through our Safe and Secure Learning Environment.


The College has a strong focus on teaching students to using technology effectively and to support them with their future learning. This is our Learning with ICT priority. I invite you to explore our school and discover the vibrant and exciting Cape Naturaliste College community. I encourage you to contact us regarding any questions you would like answered or provide us with feedback.

Yebble Drive

Cape Naturaliste College is located on Yebble Drive in the South West town of Vasse. It is a great privilege and honour for us to be situated on a road that acknowledges the contribution of Wadandi people to our ancient and shared histories. Both the street name Yebble Drive and the new locality of Yebble along WA’s South West coastline recognises and honours local Noongar man, Mr Samuel Isaacs.


As well as being a significant Wadandi figure, Yebble – Mr Isaacs’ Aboriginal name – was pivotal in a heroic rescue in 1876, where together with Ms Grace Bussell, he rescued 54 passengers from the shipwrecked SS Georgette at Redgate Beach. Having only received a bronze medallion for his efforts, in contrast to Grace Bussell’s silver medallion, Mr Isaacs was later awarded 100 acres of land in Margaret River. Yebble became the first Aboriginal person to receive a land grant in Western Australia.


Aboriginal naming provides a gateway to respect, acknowledge and promote Aboriginal peoples’ connection to the land. The renaming of the College’s street name to Yebble, and the new locality of Yebble, help to preserve and promote the Aboriginal people who have contributed to the state’s rich and diverse history.