Student Health Information

Student Health Information

On enrolment you will be asked to provide your child’s health information to help the school meet your child’s health needs. You will be required to complete a Health Care Summary form with details about health care needs and information to use in a medical emergency and a Management and Emergency Response Plan where the Health Care Summary indicates your child needs support at school.


A Management and Emergency Response Plan provides information we require to respond to specific medical needs. These cover common conditions such as:

  • severe allergy or anaphylaxis
  • mild and moderate allergies
  • seizure
  • asthma


If your child is receiving support from a Specialist Health Professional (e.g. CAHMS, PCH, Paediatrician) please provide up to date Specialist Reports to help support your child at school.


Parents of students with special needs (e.g. ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia) should contact the school to discuss these needs. It is appropriate that these needs and the school’s ability to meet them are discussed.

Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page should have an questions.