Head of Learning Areas

Head of Learning Areas

The Head of Learning Areas (HoLAs) at Cape Naturaliste College are experienced Level 3 teachers and administrators who have had experience supporting colleagues dealing with difficult students. In consultation with the classroom teacher, parents and other support staff they will lead the management of ongoing student behaviour issues within a particular Learning Area. The HoLAs will communicate with Year Coordinators, Associate Principals and other support staff to develop and implement appropriate strategies and consequences in response to a student’s failure to modify poor behaviour. It is crucial that teachers have an open and healthy level of communication with the HoLAs regarding behaviour management to allow a proactive and timely response to a growing problem.

Head of Learning Area – English

Chrissy Gault

Head of Learning Area – Mathematics

Brycen Godfrey

Head of Learning Area – Science

Roxanne Snook

Head of Learning Area – HASS

Marie Eckert

Head of Learning Area – Physical Education

Greg Hopkins

Head of Learning Area – The Arts

Kellie Markwell

Head of Learning Area – Technologies

Aaron McRae

Please get in touch with the relevant learning area coordinator for related enquiries.