Cape Naturaliste College

Enrolling at CNC

Cape Naturaliste College accepts students from a point on the western extension of Woodlands Road and the coast, north along the coast to Cape Naturalist, south east along the coast of Geographe Bay to Holgate Road, south along Holgate Road (both sides excluded) and south along the extension of Holgate Roads to the eastern north-south boundary of Lot 219, south along the eastern boundary of Lot 219 (included) to the Busselton Bypass, east along the Busselton Bypass (south side included) to Queen Elizabeth Avenue, south along Queen Elizabeth Avenue (west side included) to Don Road, south on Don Road (west side included), to Evans Road, west on Evans Road to the intersection with the Vasse River, south along the Vasse River (west side included) to the local government boundary between the Shires of Busselton and Augusta-Margaret River, west along this local government boundary to Jacka Road, north on Jacka Road (east side included) to Price Road, west on Price Road (north side included) to Gale Road, north west on Gale Road (north side included) to the junction with Bussell Highway and Metricup Road, west along Metricup Road (north side included) to Woodlands Road, west along Woodlands Road (north side included) and west along its extension to the coast.


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The following defines an optional area between Cape Naturaliste College and Busselton Senior High School:


From the coastline of Geographe Bay, south along Holgate Road (both sides included) and its extension to and along the eastern north-south boundary of Lot 219 (excluded) on the Busselton Bypass, east along the Busselton Bypass (north side included) to Fairway Drive, north along Fairway Drive (west side included) to the New (Broadwater) River, east along the New (Broadwater) River to the drainage channel, north along the drainage channel (west side included) to Bussell Highway, east along the Bussell Highway (north side included) and continuing east along Albert Street (north side included) to Queen Street, north along Queen Street (west side included) to Geographe Bay, and west along the coastline of Geographe Bay to the northern extension of Holgate Road.


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